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Exzo Network
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Exzo Network layer-1 blockchain

Exzo Network is a cutting-edge Layer-1 blockchain that is redefining the future of decentralized applications and smart contracts. With its native token $XZO, Exzo Network is poised to revolutionize the blockchain space with its unparalleled performance metrics and robust ecosystem.

Here’s what makes Exzo Network stand out

Performance at Scale: Exzo Network boasts an impressive 75,000+ transactions per second, leaving behind the congestion and scalability issues faced by Ethereum and Solana. With transaction speeds ranging from a lightning-fast 400ms to 1.2s, Exzo Network ensures that your transactions are not just secure, but also swift, providing a seamless user experience.

Users can see live transactions and blockchain data on the Exzoscan block explorer.

Cost-Effective Transactions: With transaction costs as low as $0.0006, Exzo Network is not just fast, it’s also incredibly cost-efficient. This low fee structure is a game-changer for industries looking to integrate blockchain technology without the burden of high operating costs.

Developer Flexibility: By supporting both Rust and Solidity, Exzo Network opens up a world of possibilities for Web3 developers and enterprises. This flexibility allows developers to build innovative applications with the tools they are most comfortable with, fostering a diverse and robust development ecosystem.

Developers can checkout some of Exzo Network’s boilerplates, SDK’s, dApps, and other code repositories on our GitHub.

Omnichain Interoperability: Exzo Network’s next-gen omnichain interoperability is a testament to its forward-thinking architecture. With seamless integration capabilities, it connects with over 12 networks, including Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Smart Chain, and more, enabling limitless potential for cross-chain development.

Industry Applications: Exzo Network is not just a platform; it’s a versatile framework that can power Web3, DeFi, and enterprises across various industries. From healthcare to logistics, Exzo Network can enhance operational efficiency, improve cybersecurity, and lower costs, making it an ideal choice for projects building DAO tools, DeFi solutions, NFT collectives, Web3 games and beyond.

Security and Governance: Security is paramount in the Exzo Network ecosystem. Its smart contracts have been rigorously tested and audited to meet the highest security standards since 2022. Moreover, Exzo Network governance is decentralized, with decisions made through collective voting by its community, ensuring transparency and community-driven development. Their governance protocol is not a DAO, but more so a way to develop a democratized open-source project.

Ecosystem Applications

Exzo Network has a vast array of applications, which is very impressive for a new bootstrapped layer-1 blockchain. Some of these applications and wallets include the following.

  • Exzo Wallet Chrome extension, which offers users a multi-chain experience with high-security, ultimate privacy as they take no data from users at all, and the ability to earn rewards by holding $XZO.
  • Exzoscan block explorer, which allows users to easily search transactions on the Exzo Network blockchain, review code, and track transaction flow.
  • Exzo Web Wallet, which enables users to delegate their $XZO to node validators to earn 9–30% rewards for enhancing the networks security and decentralization, store Bitcoin, Ethereum, XZO, and many other blockchains tokens, send and receive cryptocurrencies, and much more to come.
  • Exzo Dex, which is a fork of Uniswap V2 but allows users to swap tokens on the Exzo Network, provide liquidity, and deploy new liquidity pools for tokens within the Exzo Network. The Exzo Network core team and community members have expressed interest in expanding the Exzo Dex’s chains to add Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Base, Optimism, and Avalanche so keep an eye out for those additions.
  • Exzo Wallet Mobile App (Android), also known as Exzo Wallet is a multi-chain crypto wallet that supports live market data, swapping tokens, NFT’s, bridging between blockchains, and many more features. It’s currently still in development but a public alpha testing application is now live on the Google play store.
  • Exzo Network Governance Portal, Exzo Network has been established as a community driven and governed project although it is not a DAO it does have a community treasury that community members and $XZO holders can vote on to provide grants to developers, decide on protocol updates, and the core focus of the project.

Exzo ($XZO) Tokenomics

The Exzo Network’s token allocation and tokenomics are designed to ensure a balanced distribution that supports the network’s growth, stability, and community engagement. Here’s a breakdown of the token allocation based on the provided information:

  • Core Team: 15.0% of the tokens, amounting to 20,250,000 $XZO, are allocated to the core team. This portion is held in a multi-signature wallet, ensuring that decisions regarding the use of these tokens are made collectively.
  • Treasury: 7.5%, or 10,125,000 $XZO, is reserved for the treasury, which is also managed via a multi-signature wallet. The treasury funds are used for the long-term sustainability of the network.
  • Community Development: 2.0% of the tokens, translating to 2,700,000 $XZO, are set aside for community development initiatives.
  • Ecosystem Development: Another 2.0% is allocated for ecosystem development, which is crucial for fostering a thriving environment for dApps and services on the network.
  • Airdrop/Incentives: 1.0% of the tokens are dedicated to airdrops and incentives, which can help in bootstrapping the network’s adoption and rewarding early users.
  • Marketing: 2.00% is allocated for marketing efforts to promote the network and increase its visibility and adoption.
  • Public Sale Allocation: 28.15% of the tokens, which is 38,000,000 $XZO, are available for public sale, allowing new investors to participate in the network.
  • Liquidity Bootstrapping: 7.41% is reserved for liquidity bootstrapping pools (AMM), which is essential for providing liquidity and facilitating trades on decentralized exchanges.
  • Validator Pool: A significant 25.90% of the tokens, amounting to 35,000,000 $XZO, are allocated to the validator pool, which is integral to the consensus mechanism of the network. These tokens are not accessible by anyone
  • Strategic Reserve: 4.04% of the tokens, which is 5,454,000 $XZO, are kept in a strategic reserve to ensure the network’s flexibility and readiness for future opportunities or challenges.
  • Future Team Members: 5.00% of the tokens are reserved for future team members, which amounts to 6,750,000 $XZO, held in a multi-signature wallet.

The total supply is 135,029,000 $XZO, with an initial circulating supply of 75,000,000 $XZO. The initial starting price is $0.08, leading to an initial market cap of $10,800,000 and a fully diluted market cap of $10,802,320. The tokenomics also include a deflation rate where 50% of fees are burned, and an inflation rate of 9%.

For node validation and delegation, the requirements are as follows:

  • Exzo (XZO) Required to Delegate: 1.1 $XZO
  • Exzo (XZO) Required to Validate Node: 10,001 $XZO

This tokenomics structure is designed to incentivize participation, reward contributors, and ensure the long-term viability of the Exzo Network. It reflects a thoughtful approach to creating a sustainable and participatory ecosystem

In comparison to Ethereum’s high gas fees and slower transaction times, and Solana’s recent network stability issues, Exzo Network stands as a beacon of reliability, efficiency, and scalability. It is not just a blockchain; it’s a comprehensive solution for the next wave of digital transformation.

Whether you’re a developer looking to build the next big dApp, or an enterprise aiming to integrate blockchain technology, Exzo Network provides the tools, security, and speed you need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of blockchain. Join the revolution with Exzo Network and be a part of shaping the future of decentralized technology.

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