What is an HD Path in blockchain wallets?

Exzo Network
1 min readMar 10


We don’t recommend you update this setting unless you can’t find the addresses you’re looking for.

While setting up your hardware device on Exzo Wallet, you might have come across the following choice to select an HD Path to identify your hardware device.

An HD Path simply dictates which addresses are displayed and the order they are displayed. Keep in mind the list of addresses may change depending on the derivation path.

When connecting your hardware wallet with Exzo Wallet, you will have 3 options:

  • Ledger Live (this option is selected by default)
  • BIP 44 Standard
  • Legacy (MEW / MyCrypto)

When connecting your Trezor Hardware wallet, BIP 44 Standard is the only option available for the device.

TIP: When connecting your hardware wallet, if you do not see the wallet address you typically use, try changing the HD Path to rearrange the order in which your wallet addresses are displayed. This might help you find the address you’re looking for.



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