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2 min readOct 26, 2023


Exzo Network and Gempad new Web3 partnership.

Exzo Network is excited to announce the news of our recent integration into Gempad. This partnership signifies a significant stride towards our mutual goal of fostering a more scalable, efficient, and innovative blockchain ecosystem.

Gempad Launchpad is recognized for its dedicated platform that facilitates presales and other sales for emerging blockchain projects before they are listed on exchanges. With tools that support token creation, lock, and airdrops, Gempad has been a cornerstone for many new and exhilarating blockchain endeavors​.

Exzo Network, on the other hand, is a well-engineered layer-1 blockchain crafted for mass adoption, minimal fees, high scalability, and lightning-fast transactions. Our next-gen omnichain interoperability, powered by the synergy between Rust and EVM, stands as a testament to our commitment towards redefining cross-chain development, thus propelling blockchain technology to new heights​​.

The essence of this collaboration is to amalgamate the strengths of Exzo Network’s layer-1 blockchain technology with Gempad Launchpad’s robust platform. This integration is anticipated to considerably amplify the scalability, speed, and cost-effectiveness of launching new projects on Gempad, thereby providing an enriched experience for project developers and investors alike.

Moreover, the robustness of Exzo Network’s blockchain technology is poised to catalyze more seamless cross-chain development on the Gempad platform, thereby unlocking an expansive horizon of innovation and growth within the blockchain domain.

With this collaboration, we are not only fortifying the blockchain community but also igniting a beacon of limitless possibilities and groundbreaking innovations. We invite you to explore more about this exciting collaboration by visiting Gempad.app and Exzo Network, and join us in advancing the blockchain frontier to new and uncharted territories.

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